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 Fandom: ASoIaF
Pairing: Ned/Cat
Disclaimer: All ASoIaF belongs to Martin, no money made, no ownership claimed.
Words: 725
Prompt: From the ASoIaF Kink Meme, here => Ned/Cat, 19.


"Look father, she's waking up, she is!"

"I can see that son."

She is sure she's hallucinating, but all of sudden, she remembers, she is dead, should be in any case. And as she blinks awake, she is greeted with two faces she thought she would never see again.

Her Ned and her son.

Husband and child are there to welcome her to... whatever this place it was. But it didn't matter, she was with them. 

"Ned? Robb?" Her voice sounded clear to her ears, it shouldn't have been, and took her hand to her throat, no wound. Strange.
She made the motion to sit and felt suddenly dizzy. Ned caught her and help her stand, he was whole and looked so young. She turned to look at Robb, no wounds, he was whole and well. No wounds, just like her.

She let a shaky breath and tears started to cloud her eyes.

She took a deep breath, trying in vain to calm herself down and be rational. "Where are we? Bran, Arya, Rickon... where are they? Where are my babies Ned?"

She felt tears roll down her cheeks.

Ned smiled at her, "This is... somewhere beyond. I don't know what this place is. And our babies are alive Cat, they have not arrived here, I promise you. Only you and Robb."

Only then she allows herself to cry. "Our babies are alive? You promise me?"

Ned engulfed her in a hug and began to rub her back. "They are Cat, alive. I swear."

She doesn't know how much time she cries, nor does she care, she is free to be with the man she loves and her son. 

It's only when she starts to calm down that she gives Robb a long look, before enveloping him in her arms. Her dear babe, her first child she ever held, he always had a special place in her heart and now, here he was with her.

And she moves from Ned's arms to hold him, and does. He rests his head upon her shoulder and she softly sings the lullaby she used to sing him as a child. And closes her eyes and just forgets about everything else for the moment.

She'll worry about the living later, but for now, let her enjoy this peace.

It's a while before she opens her eyes again and looks at her surroundings, it is a forest. And it's a thing of beauty, tall trees, green and luscious, flowers everywhere. She holds onto Ned's hand and the three of them make to a tree, they sit and just enjoy the moment. They are silent, for a moment. Then, the dam breaks.

"Ned, they have our daughters. Our babies are lost." And she can feel herself shaking. "What have we done Ned? I should have been there, with Bran and Rickon!" The tears come back and she allows herself to cry.

"There is nothing we can do now Cat, only pray that the Gods have mercy." His voice is soft, calming even. "We can hope that they live, that they come together again."

"I am sorry mother, I failed the girls." Robb looks down to his lap and she wishes she could disagree. "And failed Bran and Rickon too."

"They will forgive you my love, they will." Her voice is shaky to her own ears.

And they fall back onto silence. They do not know how much time passes, there is no night to indicate the turning of the days. They travel together, and Cat sees her father again, who welcomes her with grief stricken eyes.

And she is happier that she has been in years, she finally knows peace. When all of sudden, it happens. She begins to sway, her vision blurs and black spots dance around in front of her eyes. She looks down at her hands and she could swear they are translucent.

No. She will not leave them, let me remain with them, she prays to the gods.

She doesn't feel anything as she begins to fall and the last thing she sees is Ned and Robb reaching for her. And then her vision goes black.


She opens her eyes and sees the black of night, full of stars. Where is she?

There are hushed voices she does not recognize.

"My Lord? My Lord... she is alive."


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