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Characters: Bail & Breha Organa, Princess Leia.

Note: First time writing for Star Wars, so wish me luck? 


Aldera has always been quiet at night, Breha new and loved it. But today, darkness seemed to expand and loom in a way it didn’t before.

Bail looked down on his hands. A weight had fallen on his shoulders and for the first time, she didn’t know how to make him feel better. So, she listened without speaking, letting him unburden his soul.

“…he ordered the Jedi killed, I am sure of it. I… I saw it Breha, a boy, no older than fifteen years gunned down like a common criminal. And now Padmé is gone. I still can’t believe that what Anakin did.” 

She saw him take a calming breath and look at the sleeping child in her arms and then continue.

“I promised that she would be loved with us.”

Breha felt herself smile, “She will be, she has been with us but for a few hours, yet, she has already has a place in my heart. She is loved.”
Bail smiled and rose from his seat, looking at the landscape from their balcony. “I would have brought her brother too, but Master Yoda felt it was better to keep them apart. And we have always wanted a girl. I can only hope that the Emperor nor Anakin ever realize who she is. Because if they do, I cannot promise you that we will be safe.”

She felt a fierceness surge through her. “We will fight for her if that happens.” Her voice was firm and strong.

Bail smiled and took a seat next to her and she shifted her body and fit her head under his chin. And looked at the sleeping girl.

“Welcome home little Princess. Welcome home.”

Breha smiled. “Welcome home, daughter mine.”


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