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 Fandom: ASoIaF
Prompt: Kink Meme, here=> AU Seven Kingdoms.
Disclaimer: All ASoIaF belongs to Martin, no money made, no ownership claimed.
Word Count: 775
Rating: T
Author's Notes: Unbeta'd. All mistakes are mine, all comments are welcome.


They have chosen to set themselves as conquerors. Of new King and Queens of not one, but seven kingdoms; they seek glory, immortality for their names and a new legacy for House Targaryen.

And they separate, Rhaenys heads to Dorne with part of their army, little did they know she would not return.

Rhaenys and Meraxes find themselves flying low, but she feels no fear, and why should she? She who has been flying since she was but a child, who has spent more time a top of her dragon than either of her siblings, she's the best at it.

But fate has other plans for her.

It is on the second third day of the attack when it happens. She is setting on fire the surrounding areas of House Uller, when Meraxes screeches and twists out of her control, it follows a bloody scent, she's sure of it. Her dragon is willful when it came to its food. And out of the blue, something is thrown against her.

It doesn't take long to identify the attack, it's a scorpion bolt. And in a second, she feels it strike. Meraxes screeches and she grabs hold onto its saddle. She's going down and she feels fear for the first time.

And Rhaenys Targaryen dies under her dragon in the sands of Dorne.

After dealing with the Gardener King, they split. Visenya is set to go the Vale while Aegon goes North.

It should be easy to pass the defense of the Vale on dragon back. And that's what she does, she flies above it, like no other mortal could. And she arrives at the Eyre's yard and descends from Vhagar.

It doesn't take long for the child's curiosity to get the better of him, and to approach her with care. She smiles and crouches down, she knows she'll soon have the Vale on her pocket. And the boy is a curious one, asking one question after another, she answers, she can be merciful and induge a child's questions.

The boy asks if he could fly with her and that gives her pause, she hesitates for a moment, but then replies that he'd fly.
It's only then when the boy's mother -Sharra, if she remembers correctly- comes out. She is frozen in fear, taking the vision that greets her, her son in the arms of a conqueror. But smiles, nods and with a gesture, she invites the would be queen inside.

Visenya goes. And the moment that she crosses the tresshold, she feels the sharp edge of a knife at her throat and the cut is deep.

And so, Visenya Targaryen dies holding her throat.

Aegon arrives at the designated place first.

The river that divides the area is shallow, and while on one side there is a beach, on the other, it starts a forest. He scans the area with curiosity, he knows little of it, but hopes to rectify it in the future. After all, what King wouldn't want to know all about his kingdom?

He remains atop of Balerion for a while longer, waiting. He hopes that King Torrhen values more life than death, so he would kneel. He doesn't have the rest of his army with him and, it makes him slightly uneasy. Even with Balerion at his side, there is something eery in place, something that makes him ill at ease.

Only when he hears horns and catches a glimpse of the Stark banners, he descends. He walks a few steps and stands in front of Balerion. And he waits.

He doesn't wait long, suddenly, a single man emerges from the forest. He is tall and grim, he walks proudly with his head heald high, there is a sureness to his step and he knows that he'd recognize the man even if he wasn't wearing a crown of blades. Torrhen.

And he takes more steps towards him, leaving the security of Balerion behind. He will not need him. And he stops a few steps from the river, let Torrhen come to him, he thinks. And Torrhen does, he crossed the river and salutes him with a single nod.

It is then when it happens, Torrhen begins to kneel and he smiles. But the smile doesn't last long, out of the forest emerges another man running towards them with a bow and just as sudden, one arrow strikes true in his chest and then another in his throat.

And so, Aegon Targaryen dies.

And as fate would have it, there isn't one King ruling over seven kingdoms. But seven kings, there is no glory or immortality for House Targeryen, there is only death.


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