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 Fandom: ASoIaF
Disclaimer: All ASoIaF belongs to Martin, no money made, no ownership claimed
Words: 466
Characters: Rhaella Targaryen
Prompt: From the Valar-Morkinks meme. Round 12
Note: I messed with the timeline a little so it worked better.

There is not much to do on Dragonstone and, even if there was, no one would ask it of her. She is the Queen and she's pregnant, so all servants and maids treat her with the utmost respect, always ready to do her bidding, her only responsibility is to look after Viserys.

And that idleness will be the death her, she thinks. War rages and she has no way of knowing how it goes. It's a complete torture to be unable to know, her son is fighting, her gooddaughter a hostage in all but name, her little grandchildren with their mother in the hands of a monster. She only has Viserys for comfort.

She prays, it's the only thing she can do now. She kneels in the Sept and begs the Mother for wisdom and strength, the Warrior to guide her son and those loyal to House Targaryen. And she prays daily, every morning after breaking their fast, while Viserys is attending to his studies with the Maester, she prays. Begs even.

And she's on the Sept when the letter arrives. And she feels herself crumble, it is only her ladies in waiting that prevent her from hitting the floor. Her baby, her Rhaegar is dead. And she weeps and hugs herself and screams. Her boy is gone, she will never see him again, will never hear him play the harp, will never hear his voice nor see him smile that little smile of hers.

That night she sleeps with Viserys and she holds him tight to her chest.

Her days pass in a fog, she goes through the motions because she has to. But feels empty and lost. She starts to knit a baby blanket, this baby of her will have need of it, and she prays to the Mother that her baby lives. She already lost one, she cannot loose another in such a short time.

She wonders the gardens and knits there, she holds onto hope of a daughter. A baby girl to care for and spoil. And so, the months pass and her due date comes closer.

And then, a second letter arrives.

Her husband is dead. Killed by Jaime Lannister. And her breath catches in her throat, and feels something bubbling inside of her. And she does not cry. She has no tears to spare for that monster. And then it happens. She lets out a breath and giggles. And her giggles turn into chuckles and then full on laughter.

And she laughs for the first time in what she feels is an eternity. She laughs so hard she cries, and even though they may be loosing the war, she feels like she just gained her freedom. And she feels joy.
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