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 Fandom: ASoIaF
Pairing: None
Prompt: ASoIaF's Kink Meme. Prompt here: Rhaella, 28.
Disclaimer: All ASoIaF belongs to Martin, I gain nothing for this fanwork.
Word Count: 628
Rating: PG-13
Author's Notes: Unbeta'd. All comments are welcome, thank you! Italics are Rhaella's thoughts.

It is well past midnight and she finds herself wide awake. Sleep has been eluding her since before she left King's Landing, ever since the moment young Brandon Stark had charged into the city shouting for her son to face him.

Oh Rhaegar, what have you done?

She wondered in which way had she gone wrong. Had she missed any signs? Had Rhaegar inherited the infamous madness of House Targaryen? Had he been so unhappy in his marriaged that just one look at a girl for him to stray?

Did I failed you Rhaegar? Did that trice damned witch cursed us all?

She had begged her grandfather for his help, to forbid the marriage between Aerys and herself, and yet, he washed his hands of the affair and her father -curse him to the seven hells- did as he pleased and now, they were reaping what they had sown.

Maybe, just maybe, if Aerys had married Joanna Lannister and she had been allowed to follow her heart, this would not be happening. Maybe she would have more children, maybe Aerys would not be mad, maybe Rhaegar had not done what he did.

She closed her eyes and laid a gentle hand on her stomach. This child was restless, it was moving at all hours, how different from Rhaegar and her other children it was. Live, she prayed, live child.

She felt tears prickling at her eyes and a sob make its way to her throat. She wanted to cry and rage and destroy. She wanted fire, she was a dragon, where was her fire?

Oh Rhaegar, my sweet boy, why?

How it had come to this, she would only know once Rhaegar told her his reasons. She hoped that her son would survive, that her cousin stilled his hand.

She felt hopeless, she could do nothing and the knowledge was killing her. Why had Rhaegar not seek her help? She was his mother, she would have thought of something, help him in some way. Maybe dissuade him of not taking the Lady Stark.

Of all the Ladies, he had picked the one betrothed to a Baratheon. Did Rhaegar forget what had happened the last time House Targaryen broke a betrothal with House Baratheon? Did he forgot about The Laughing Storm?

The Gods damn that tourney. Did the Gods where so displeased with House Targaryen that now were acting against them?

You have a wife, my child, Elia. Why did you wrong her?

Her thoughts turned to poor Elia, trapped in King's Landing as nothing more than a glorified hostage against Dorne and Rhaegar's good behavior. Her sweet grandchildren trapped with a mad man set on destroying those who opposed him, she prayed that the Gods would keep them safe.

She was terrified, there was no denying it. And hoped against hope that Rhaegar would emerge victorious, that peace would be restored. But something deep down in her gut told her it would not be so easy.

Her husband was too far gone into madness to accept peace. And Rhaegar? Well, his actions had been the trigger of it all. What would happen to them? She was terrified. How could Rhaegar fix his actions?

What could he offer to Houses Stark, Baratheon and Arryn for them to cease the war? Her mind was empty and knew that there was nothing to offer. Aerys had killed two Starks and demanded a third's head; he had killed Lord Arryn's heir and demanded Robert's head too. And Dorne, while loyal -if only for Elia and her children's sake- would not look kindly on  her son's actions either.

Oh my son, why did you break the peace? How can we get it back?
But she knew that peace would only come with death. 

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